A Man’s Guide to Fragrance: How to Choose and Wear Cologne

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There are more benefits of wearing cologne than you could imagine. A good cologne not only makes you smell good and feel confident, but can also help connect with people on an emotional level. A cologne with a pleasant smell can do your personality a world of good, helping you look sharp. Not every cologne suits everyone. A fragrance that works wonders for someone can result in sensory overload in your case. To get the most out of your cologne, you need to pick a fragrance that suits your style and personality. The way you wear your cologne also has a far-reaching impact on your present ability.

Tips for Choosing the Right Cologne
You do not have to be a perfume expert to choose the cologne that suits your personality. All you need to do is develop a better understanding of the fragrances that delight your senses and your environment. Here are a few tips for buying perfume online.

Educate Yourself on Fragrance Families
Before starting to look for best perfumes online, learn about fragrance families. Scents can be classified as floral, woody, or amber. While amber fragrances are exotic and sweet, floral scents include flowery fragrances. Woody fragrances traditionally have sandalwood and cedar notes. When buying a discounted men’s cologne online, look for a fragrance with unique composition.

Consider Your Personality and Body Chemistry
Look for a cologne that suits your personality. If you are a determined person, look for musky amber scents. Woody concoctions are usually preferred by charismatic men. If you are a romantic at heart, go with floral fragrances. Green, citrus, and aquatic fragrances are best for sporty men. Another important factor to consider when buying a cologne is your body chemistry. Look for a fragrance that works best with your natural body odor. The scent should smell good even hours after you applied it.

Take Your Geography Into Account
If you live in a humid climate, look for a strong scent. Men who live in low humidity areas must opt for a light scent.

Rules to Follow When Applying a Fragrance

Apply cologne immediately after a shower. To avoid irritation, hold the spray nozzle at least 3-6 inches away from your skin.
Start by applying the fragrance to heat areas including your chest, forearm, shoulder, inner elbow, wrist, neck, and inner jaw.
Avoid rubbing the perfume into your skin as it will kill the note
Avoid spraying on your clothes.
Most importantly don’t overdo


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